► WHAT WE DO :Group of Black Entrepreneurs who are building an Investment Club with the mission statement ‘ Building Economic Might Using tangible and measurable outcomes’

As a business:

We are purchasing Commercial Land & Properties to house members and Associates at discounted rates in order for them to gain commercial advantage in business.

Members also gain visibility via our online platforms for their business and services.

► HOW DO WE DO IT: Via the Investment Club. We select a project.  Money is pledged from within the investment club.  The project is monitored.  The project is completed and The investment club is repaid and a new project is selected.

All Members, using various marketing strategies such as business spotlight, gain visibility on our platform.  This can improve your sales, build awareness of your projects and services, build your network and business growth learnings.

►WHY IT WORKS: As purpose driven Black Entrepreneurs we believe that the best way to help a better future for our community is through building economic wealth. Each Member of the Investment Club shares similar values and passion, and they are experts within their own field of business.

Best Regards,